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The Eternal Nature of Love

Is love a power that extends beyond this world?
The religious traditions set forth in scholarly institutions have established in their basic theology the idea that God creates things out of nothing.  If such is the case, then love is something God invented.  I do not believe in such theology.  If such were the case then God's love would be limited.

These same scholars and theologians also imply that God has created only one inhabited world where salvation takes place.  They believe that the Bible is necessary to have in order to be saved. Therefore he has also created a limited number of people and love is thereby limited as well. It expands no further and essentially stops.

Mormons on the other hand believe that creation is endless. God has created worlds without end, and salvation too is endless. As those beings that follow God gain salvation they do so by acquiring the characteristic of perfect and eternal love.

What is the power that causes creations like this world and love to ex…

The Philosophies of Men

The Philosophies of Men

What are the philosophies of Men.  Essentially they are all of the limiting beliefs perpetuated by people in their lack of eternal perspective.  They are those teachings and ideas that focus on the temporary and the insignificant pursuits of a mortal lifespan.  For the most part less than 100 years.

There are also the philosophies of men based on religious creeds and biblical scripture.  With no authority men and women preach their own gospel to congregations throughout Christendom.  They do the best they can but they preach their own versions of scripture mingled with their philosophies and the opinions of Bible Scholars.

Our worldly governments are in a constant state of change as they seek to protect us. With building codes and fire escapes, auto safety and airbags or a multitude of other concerns, they purport to stop us from hurting ourselves or killing each other in our accident prone and selfish world.  They also want to make sure that we don't  pray to…

What is Love?

During the month of February the topic of love is on everybody's mind?  Perhaps billions of dollars are spent reminding us, selling us and then consumers buying the goods of Cupid. What is this emotion, feeling, connection, virtue we call love? 

Is love a product that can be bought and sold with money or is it developed through patience, kindness and forgiveness? Why not be nice all the time, give the gift of self and buy random flowers or presents?

We know something of the shortcomings and challenges we each face as human beings. How can we focus on the potential to enjoy this emotion that each of us has a desire to experience? Where will our individual experience take us? How can something so positive take a negative turn at times?

My personal approach to life and discovery is to understand "the why" as some say. We base much of our attitudes in life on experience. We are also exposed to philosophical, scientific or theological reasoning.  How do they connect in the light…

Joseph Smith a Latter Day Prophet

How is it that the testimony of a 14 year old boy, Joseph Smith building on the doctrine of Christ, led to the founding of an organization that has since spread throughout the world?
Would people be more accepting of him if he had been prominent Bible scholar?  No, because the theology he revealed countered the philosophies of men that had ruled in the religious creeds and institutions for millennia.
Members in their Wards as the congregations are called, or branches if they are small are all over the world.  None of us have met or seen Joseph Smith.  We are not influenced by his presence in any way, only by his testimony.  How is it that millions of followers express such confidence in the testimony of a boy from the early 1800's? 
Because we can see the hand of God in the doctrine and the organization with actual authority to teach it.  The Book of Mormon is a testament of Christ that cannot be denied when with sincere and honest study of its message. It leads people to Christ and …