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The Role of Prophets and the Restoration of all Things

There are thousands of denominations in the Christian community today.  Why is this so?  After all there is only one Bible and one Savior and one God the Father that we worship.  The Bible states there should be one Lord, one faith and one baptism.

The simple self evident truth is that Jesus established a church, men changed it, then reformers changed it again and now it keeps changing.  While professing the Bible as the common book of scripture there are still profound misunderstandings and disagreements as scholars and theologians continue to debate its content and meaning.

The reason we have a Bible is because God anciently called prophets to lead his people. Revelation was on the earth through authorized servants that spoke for God. Even though the people did not always follow them they were there as a constant voice. The call to ancient Israel was to stay true, to not stray from the covenants God had made with them and they with God.  

The Christian world today is divided into a mul…