Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The God of the Galaxies and Eternal Creation

The scriptures speak to us in terms that seem ancient and unscientific. Perhaps this is God's accommodation of our intelligence or lack thereof.  Many therefore conclude that God is old fashioned or some pharisaical invention of philosopher/theologians. In reality, the scriptures introduce us to the knowledge of beings that reign in the eternal and infinite heavens and are the most scientifically advanced of all. They have mastered all science. Our science just a small part of God's science.  Where do the principles of perfect justice, mercy and the agency of individuals fit into the equation of eternity?

Religious theology has been heavily influenced by the opinions and limited understanding of scholars and philosophers. Their theological debates and deliberations produced a divine being that creates on a random basis, creating things out of nothing and experimenting with such precepts as free will, pre-determination, and pre-destination.  Plain and simple precepts about deity were lost when Christ and his apostles were killed.

God has called modern day prophets to give us an understanding of who we are. We no longer need to live in doubt and darkness trying to understand the opinions of scholars who have long debated what the scriptures say and mean. Professional religionists have perpetuated the incomprehensible deity of the 4th century AD and developed narratives around this doctrine.

To what end does all of this take us? What is this heavenly goal that is so actively preached about in the modern mainstream of Christian teaching?  If heaven is a state of bliss, what causes such bliss? Will we be actively engaged in some prospect of eternal creation patterned after the family as Mormons teach, or do we become genderless creatures forever on some euphoric high that is somehow imputed into those that make it to heaven? The scriptures speak of becoming kings and queens.  Kings and queens over what?  If creation ceases with this world then what kingdoms could possibly exist in eternity?

Why is it that according to orthodox theologians this essence of perfect intelligence and all its notions of all power cannot create a perfect society of people? Why would this god, the Trinity make us unlike it is? The Bible does say we are created in the image of God. Why would it create at all if it already existed in a state of perpetual bliss and order?  The religious scholars refer to God as a male. That is what the scriptures say, but that isn't what orthodox scholars believe. They use the nouns and pronouns of father and son and of he and him yet none of them apply in the context that we are familiar with.  Their doctrinal essays and theological statements tell us that the Trinity of creedal origin is, in fact, a genderless and celibate being due to its incorporeal nature.

Why did God ordained marriage? Bible scholars would conclude because the Bible narrative says he did.  Yet they believe and teach that God is a single, celibate, genderless, incorporeal essence of the highest intelligence. This is their conclusion. To be in its image would be to also exist as genderless, incorporeal essence. Why would such a being establish marriage between two genders? It would seem that their logic is flawed as well as their scriptural exegesis.  Was creating male and female some new idea first tried out in the Garden of Eden? The modern and ancient professors of religion established and promote the concept of a perfect being that creates chaos out of perfection.

Mainstream Christian apologists have yet to come up with a rational explanation as to why Jesus, a part of the genderless trinity became a man and born of a woman except to do what? Even though later resurrected as a man he later becomes part of the Trinity again, reverting to some part of the incorporeal essence that it is.  It is a single entity sacrificing another part of itself to itself. Was the concept of a savior a first-time experiment or based on eternal principles of justice and mercy.

The revelations to God's modern prophets have dispelled the false notions that God is an essence or that he is genderless. He is a man and is the father of the human race. To become a father also includes the existence of a mother. God is a married exalted being. Neither is the man without the woman nor the women without the man in the Lord. Marriage is his eternal order, not a temporary invention for humans on earth.

Marriage is ordained the likeness and image of the Gods, male and female. Our heavenly parents are an exalted man and woman. They are Gods as individuals and together they are the God of the creation of human spirits. This is where love finds its power. They are one in creation.  It is their likeness and image, male and female. God, the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost form the eternal Godhead that we are familiar with. They are separate beings united in a holy and eternal purpose.

When the time came to form an earth, which was done for an eternal purpose, the Godhead, consisting of The Father, Jesus was Jehovah as a pre-mortal God, and the Holy Ghost again created the mortal man and woman in the image of God which is the image of male and female. Womanhood and manhood are eternal stations of existence on which creation of a spirit offspring is founded.

If God existed in a state of non-opposition he would not be anything. If existing by himself he would have no need of laws or punishments or negative consequences. Mainstream theologians have imputed the virtue of love to his essence as a divine trait that he just somehow has. Where then did hate come from if at one point God was the only intelligence in existence? Where did the prospect of hell come from if love was the reason for his actions only good existed prior to the creation of man?

Orthodox theologians invented the concept of free will to explain why man can hate and do evil and bring pain and suffering to the world. Their purpose for this is to take responsibility away from God, yet for them, he is the first cause of creation. For these teachers, free will explains why there is a devil but it is still a contradictory conclusion. They teach that God essentially made some pawns or robot-like creations out of dirt and then gave them free will so they would not be robots but somehow now convert to free-thinking individuals.  

Another faulty part of their logic is that they teach that God continues to make these creatures, or actually has other people make their bodies through sexual expression.  He then imputes a spirit by breathing into the body and free will comes at the same time. This is happening thousands of times a day. Apparently, for these scholars do not believe that God did not rest after the six days of creation.

If the pattern for developing love is a relationship and if creation is based on a love, then where does it come from? Would it not come from the emotional bonds developed for another, even for an eternal companion as they lived and struggled side by side through some stage of learning and development. This is the pattern and order set in the earth by God. As couples are sealed under eternal priesthood covenants the opportunity exists for those that desire such relationships. It requires opposition and testing to develop such a relationship. It would seem most reasonable that for one to be given the power of eternal increase then a great measure of attention must be rendered to the principles and laws by which it is given. 

Our individual intelligence is eternal. This is an everlasting spark of light, truth or energy that we do not have much information about it.  In this individual intelligence exists the will of mankind, men and women also have an eternal gender. As the will or intelligence is brought under God's powers of creation a spirit is formed consisting of eternal matter and intelligence. This is one part of our soul. As we gain a physical body we then form what we refer to as a soul.

Living in the presence of God in a pre-mortal time we were taught and instructed in some precepts of eternal opposition, the prospects of good and evil. Satan rebelled at that time and was cast out without an opportunity to be born of earthly parents. He is incorporeal as to the flesh but not the spirit. Having rejected the offering of salvation and exaltation, he and those that followed him became opposition to God and his prophets and saints and humankind.

The existence of evil and suffering are because every one of us has a will that is independent of God.  Learning to submit to God's will is our test and opportunity.  he has given us all things pertaining to eternal happiness.  The only thing we have to give is our will.

God's love provided a Savior that could redeem us from the fallen state necessary to undergo the growth required to understand the knowledge of good and evil.  Only with such knowledge and then choosing the good can God's children be exalted.  The process is called repentance.  It comes when one is humble and aware of their fallen state.  Then come baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide us under this umbrella of grace.  Our spiritual nature is changed and we become like our heavenly parents as we obey their precepts.

The redemption and exaltation that God desires to give his children are for them to be like he is.  To love as he does.  To live as he does with a fullness of joy.  That fullness comes from providing an opportunity to his children.  We have experienced it to some degree when we have children and nurture them or render service to others in need.

God's attributes of perfection are such because eternal laws and principles define what they are. Without such God would just be a simple declaration of whatever he might deem his will or whim.  If his will is not defined in some way by principle it is simply whim and no one with any intelligent thought would deem God to be a whimsical being. He is the creator of earth and the galaxies and this he will do eternally and we with him if we so choose to follow.

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