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The God of the Galaxies and Eternal Creation

The scriptures speak to us in terms that seem ancient and unscientific. Perhaps this is God's accommodation of our intelligence or lack thereof.  Many therefore conclude that God is old fashioned or some pharisaical invention of philosopher/theologians. In reality, the scriptures introduce us to the knowledge of beings that reign in the eternal and infinite heavens and are the most scientifically advanced of all. They have mastered all science. Our science just a small part of God's science.  Where do the principles of perfect justice, mercy and the agency of individuals fit into the equation of eternity?
Religious theology has been heavily influenced by the opinions and limited understanding of scholars and philosophers. Their theological debates and deliberations produced a divine being that creates on a random basis, creating things out of nothing and experimenting with such precepts as free will, pre-determination, and pre-destination.  Plain and simple precepts about dei…