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Endless Galaxies, God and Love

The scriptures speak to us in terms that seem ancient and unscientific.  In reality they introduce us to the knowledge of beings that reign in the eternal and infinite heavens. Those words and precepts are understood by revelation to those that desire truth. Those that covenant with God to receive them and his prophets continue to receive greater insight and truth.
Religious philosophies and theologies have been heavily influenced by the opinions and limited viewpoints of scholars and philosophers. These individuals and their collective influence have given an image of a divine being that operates and creates on a random basis, experimenting with such precepts as free will or pre-determination or pre-destination.

God has called modern day prophets to give us eternal understanding about who we are.  We no longer need to live in doubt and darkness trying to understand the opinions of Bible Scholars and other professional religionists that have perpetuated the incomprehensible deity of …