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The Philosophies of Men

The Philosophies of Men

What are the philosophies of Men.  Essentially they are all of the limiting beliefs perpetuated by people in their lack of eternal perspective.  They are those teachings and ideas that focus on the temporary and the insignificant pursuits of a mortal lifespan.  For the most part less than 100 years.

There are also the philosophies of men based on religious creeds and biblical scripture.  With no authority men and women preach their own gospel to congregations throughout Christendom.  They do the best they can but they preach their own versions of scripture mingled with their philosophies and the opinions of Bible Scholars.

Our worldly governments are in a constant state of change as they seek to protect us. With building codes and fire escapes, auto safety and airbags or a multitude of other concerns, they purport to stop us from hurting ourselves or killing each other in our accident prone and selfish world.  They also want to make sure that we don't  pray to any god for fear of offending someone.  At least that is their justification.

In the next 120 plus years six billion or so people will die from all causes.  No mortal law can or will stop it from happening. This for the most part it happens so subtly and quietly on an individual basis that only a few people are affected at a time.  

Following the natural laws of mortal creation seven billion or so new lives will replace those that die on a similar subtle basis. How will these participants choose to satisfy this ability and power to create life and under what circumstances? How will the innocent be affected? How will ignorance and arrogance show their influence in societies and cultures of the world?

Where will humankind look for safety, happiness and peace? Do the atheists, skeptics and agnostics have the answers? How about the theologies of men? Will they provide the direction? 

Just what are the philosophies of men? They are the ideas and concepts that men and women as individuals or groups fabricate to tell themselves that truth is its own little subjective environment. That they somehow have the answers to save the world through their myopic philosophies founded on an unstable foundation.

These philosophies are where our money, learning, popularity and opinions obscure the reality of our place in the universe.  We are fragile beings on a planet in the vast remoteness of a cosmic eternity. Can we as humans and mortals really not contemplate this concept and reality in such a way that we realize how insignificant our personal opinions and philosophies are?

We might think to ourselves we can develop some truth or philosophy to suit our circumstances and preferences and just ignore the reality of endless time and space.  

Some people even invent their own version of deity, a generic imaginary one size fits all god that stays out of life decisions except when it suits them. Some not knowing anything about their creation even blame him for making them the way they are.

Skeptics, agnostics and atheists want people to believe that their philosophy is correct when it is actually the least correct of any of the philosophies of men.  They think that their formal arguments that disallow personal testimony somehow makes their theory sustainable. With closed minds they plot a course through life telling people that death is the end yet unsure of anything except that they will for sure die. 

The philosophies of mortal men that disregard truth have no effect beyond the grave.  They are dead ends in the road of eternity. There are many prominent philosophies of men that float about in society regarding the nature of human intimacy, marriage and religion. 

In today's culture, marriage, family and chastity are mocked and profaned continually. Theatrical undertakings promote many forms of these actions of so called passionate involvement. Every word and action is contrived and practiced, then performed and recorded to portray some imaginary experience.  

Many seek to imitate these activities as if they don't realize they are pursuing the fantasies of some writer's philosophy. They aren't real. What won't people do in front of a camera for money? If there is a proverbial soul selling process this could be it.

All of us are free to pursue a spectrum of choices and the consequences follow. Somewhere between a relentless pursuit of pleasure and a patient pursuit of character our attitudes and destinies develop.

The philosophies of men that promote pursuing pleasure lead to broken families and discontentment. If the world doesn't understand this simple principle it will be difficult and unlikely that we can make this earth a place where peace and harmony prevail. 


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