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Eternal Beings Eternal Purpose

Observation and good theology would tell us that God would desire us to progress. To become independent. On what basis do we attain to independence in this world and in the eternal world?  Do the self evident truths of endless space and time not hold a place in our contemplation of who we are and what our capacities might be?

As our children grow we see the stages of their development.  The older they get and the more they learn.  They become more capable of getting around, communicating and understanding the world. As they gain these skills the more they want to be independent from their parents. Even with abiding love they seek to be on their own. They don't want to disassociate from us, they just want their own space as we say. 

As the father to eight children I have witnessed certain progressions in my children that most parents will recognize in theirs.  They start out helpless and grow to become independent. There is a time where they seem to not want to have anything to do with their parents.  When they become older and possibly parents themselves, their perspective changes. God too is seeking our independence not our captivity.  He desires to lift us, not limit us.

As teenagers become adults they follow patterns instilled by their parents.  If they have been taught and understand, then they will find a happiness in living a certain way that is congruent with their identity and self worth.  The bonds of affection don’t lessen due to the fact that the parents and child no longer live in the same house.

Eternal self worth can only be discovered by revelation through the power of the Holy Ghost. It is the most important discovery that one can make.  It is to know, to find out that we, each one of us is related to God. We are his children, his offspring, not just mere creatures to satisfy some mysterious need to provide worship and praise to a perfect being.  

Our existence is eternal in that the substance of our person is not created. It is an eternal intelligence. It is capacitated with advancement through God’s powers of creation. The eternal substance of each one of us called intelligence exists independently in eternity.  It becomes eternally attached to a spiritual body of divine creation. 

The family in earth is a pattern of creation.  We are created in the image of God that image is described as male and female.  To call God our Father means that we also have a Mother.  To be their children means we have a spiritual creation that took place before we were born.  

Many of our capacities were developed in their presence and under their teaching to a point where a new learning experience was both needed and offered.  This experience brought us to earth through mortal parents.  These patterns are of an eternal and unchanging nature and based on eternal natural laws.

The time came that we must learn things that can only be learned by leaving their house, their kingdom.  It necessitates coming to an earth, like the one we live on now in a new capacity, a temporary capacity as a mortal being.  A being subject to a fallen nature with agency and freedom to act independently.  We face opposition that gives us experience, wisdom and knowledge. 

Our eternal spirit enters the body provided by the union of mortal parents. As male and female created in the image of God we are given a sampling of what it is to create after our own likeness and image.  It is an eternal pattern of union and creation and it was not a new thing thought up 6000 years ago.  

We learn here in an extraordinary way.  By personal experience. We are subjected to many types of opposition.  By such we have choices.  We are accountable for those choices.  We see that by leaving our parents house we develop our own independence.  

If we follow eternal precepts that are the only way to be truly happy, we become like our eternal parents.  This is God’s desire. To let us be free, to preside in eternal kingdoms of glory not as servants but as rulers of righteousness in a capacity endowed with eternal increase. 

Powerful telescopes are demonstrating what logic would tell us.  As we examine and ponder the wonders of eternity and infinite space we see that creation has no end. Yet philosophers of traditional theology have limited man and God and the eternal life that he offers?  They do this because they have limited themselves to their own knowledge and understanding that excludes the revelations and knowledge transmitted to prophets of God. 

We see that earthly parents desire the best for their children yet seek to have them be free in the world to enjoy their individual relationships and pursuits. We want our kids to live with us forever but just not in our house.  We want them to have their own kingdom as it were where they rule with love and enjoyment.  Why would the perfect love of God not also seek to liberate us from any dictatorial concepts and limits pertaining to eternal righteousness?

Traditional theologies have determined that man’s only purpose is to worship God. They have come to this conclusion by reasoning and bible scholarship.  Such theology is simply the opinions of bible philosophers. 

According to these philosophies and dogmas the only thing man will do for eternity is continue to worship an incomprehensible deity who they say was already perfect. Is this not a form of confinement and captivity?  Why do they think he needed to create imperfect creatures to worship him? Because they don't understand the scriptures. 

God has no restrictions on the limits of his power and authority to grant eternal kingdoms to those that abide by eternal laws.  He sent his Son not to condemn mankind but to save them.  Here on earth we develop the ability to live those laws or we ignore them to live some other way.  

Ultimate freedom requires obedience to eternal laws.  We can enjoy eternal association with our Eternal Parents.  Even though their greatest desire would be to have us associated with them in the splendor of eternal glory, they do not need us in their kingdom and will not force us to obey.  

We are given a kingdom of greater or lesser glory that we choose. The greatest of these however is eternal increase in our family relationships and those creative powers that are given to exalted beings.  The heavens are infinite and creation and space never end. if they did God would be a limited being.  


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