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Eternal Beings Eternal Purpose

Observation and good theology would tell us that God would desire us to progress. To become independent. On what basis do we attain to independence in this world and in the eternal world?  Do the self evident truths of endless space and time not hold a place in our contemplation of who we are and what our capacities might be?

As our children grow we see the stages of their development.  The older they get and the more they learn.  They become more capable of getting around, communicating and understanding the world. As they gain these skills the more they want to be independent from their parents. Even with abiding love they seek to be on their own. They don't want to disassociate from us, they just want their own space as we say. 
As the father to eight children I have witnessed certain progressions in my children that most parents will recognize in theirs.  They start out helpless and grow to become independent. There is a time where they seem to not want to have anything to do wi…