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On Becoming Better-The Goal of LIfe

The other morning my son Jayton said. ”The new boats came out today”. (He likes to wakeboard and surf with friends and family that have boats)  I thought that is great, what is the difference between the new boat and the old boat?  (We don’t have a boat nor will we ever.)  So I wasn’t sure why he mentioned it.  He told me some of the differences.  

I am also reading his Psychology class book with him.  I am remembering something of the wonder of the brain. The neurons, are being stimulated and dumping into the synaptic cleft to connect the power of thought to the motion of the body.  I had forgotten something about how the mind works, in fact how our whole nervous system works.  As I pondered it again it seems so amazing.
As I thought about my personal experience with new and better things cars came to mind.  My first brand new car was a 1986 Mercury Sable.  Has anyone seen a 1986 Sable lately?  They aren’t that cool anymore? (A 56 Chevy is though is another story)  In 1986 they looked …