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What Does it Mean to be a Child of God?

What is the origin and destiny of mankind? Are we sons and daughters of deity created in their image with their Godly potential? Do we have eternal infinite potential or are we eternally inferior to them?

Are our impulses and desires simply bursts of energy that develop from stimulus that dominate us, or spiritual opportunities that we can control and develop? Do we have a soul and will or are we simply some element of cosmic force resulting in spontaneous individualistic tendencies?
Who and what are the billions of us individually and collectively as human beings?  Are we mere creatures of curiosity, thoughts of a deity who after aeons of eternity of a solitary existence became bored and tried a new experiment?  According to Christian philosopher C.S. Lewis, man and free will are an experiment.

I have heard the term "child of God " used by many to denote both relationship and potential in different contexts. Motivational speakers, preachers, even teachers of mysticism all seek…