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Seeking Eternal Truth

There is birth and there is death and in between is this thing we call life. Do we at some point begin to realize that mortality is just a subset of eternity? What knowledge do we need to possess to obtain any kind of eternal salvation?  What is salvation in the eternal sense?

Are we eternal beings in some way or just temporarily animated by the makeup of our organic chemistry?  Did it begin at birth and does it end at death?  These are timeless questions so far as mankind is concerned. 

The reality is that we each have a mere century or less in which to carry out life's intended purpose.  Why are we here on earth?  Why is there opposition and suffering as well as happiness?  Does anyone including atheists truly resolve themselves to believe that life has no eternal purpose. 
Answers to these questions can only be found in one way that is not speculative or driven by opinions.  It is to seek in faith with assurance that God has a way appointed to learn them. The answers as to why we …