Monday, December 1, 2014

We Are All Creators If We Choose To Be

We each create a world in a world. Think of the earth as a universe and each person as a creator with all of the resources of the earth as opportunities and materials to use. Each person is pretty much free, albeit with some exceptions. With these resources and the economy that exists, each creator can act with faith to make something of their existence. Many do end up supporting others in various ways. No person is an island.  Not only in families as parents and children but many enterprises interacting with each other to facilitate, provide or to teach. Some creators choose to do very little with their existence or even nothing positive in some cases.

Rules exist that we have joined together to create so as to govern and punish those among us that would steal our creations or infringe on our right to create. Some rules or laws exist all by themselves as natural facts that govern our existence. Sometimes we join together to create worlds (lives) that are closely tied together. Most men and women have a power within themselves that when joined with another person of the other gender can actually create new life. Family bonds are especially unifying when founded upon true and correct principles which for me is the gospel of Jesus Christ. We then nurture and help others create their worlds.

It is possible to be part of one world and leave it. You may be part of a world for a time and never enter it again but it does not cease to exist. The powers that created it still go on. You too go on in your world. Such is our existence on earth. There is only about 6000 years of this history that we can document in some manner and we can observe these interactions.

There are intellectuals that in the wisdom of this world think they are perhaps the most intelligent life to emerge in billions or trillions or years, indeed a timeless state. How is it that some people think that their opinions and theories in science, philosophy and other fields have any bearing on anything. If their opinions have no bearing in the next life then what is their value?

Many claim some expertise that is founded in their own wisdom and the assignment of titles by their contemporaries.  How they think that they are somehow the smartest to come along in an infinite universe and did so on this planet in that last 6000 years is about as limited and vain of an imagination as one can get.  They often speak as though their theories are truth and they are not.

When we consider the state of science and understand what it is, we would realize that it is really just revealed theology. We would also realize that all truth is scientific. We only separate the two because theology has been hijacked by unauthorized teachers and labeled as a subjective instrument for gaining accurate knowledge.

God is after all the author of all truth which includes all science. He just doesn't need the theories that he allows us to work with in our learning process. True theology can cross certain bounds and help us achieve happiness that the facts of science won't. In spiritual growth, theology is the constant and science is just an added benefit. He also doesn't change the rules (laws) just because someone doesn't like them.

Now carry the concept of creation as outlined to real universes and galaxies and endless planets and stars. Try to comprehend eternal truth and laws which govern those the vast expanses. Try to understand precepts of eternal and perfect justice along with a plan of mercy. 

Think of an eternal family headed by God the Father. There you will find the true nature of love, eternal marriage and endless creation.  Here is the covenant God made with Abraham that his seed would be numberless as the stars or the grains of sand on the shores.   

There is no scarcity of resources and no end to the power of our Heavenly Father. We are after all created in his image and likeness and that of his Son, Jesus Christ.  We can receive as joint heirs with Christ of all that the Father hath which includes powers and blessings of infinite creation.

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