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Why I Believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Posted by Charlie Brown
Two significant events have played a profound role in my observations about life and learning from the experiences we undergo as human beings.  Adding these to the mix of everyday observation and learning they have been driving factors in my desire to understand life's purposes and perplexities.  
What they have taught me is that you don't have to be a theologian or have a perfect understanding of who God is to get answers to prayer.  Who will ever have such understanding in this life any way?  A sincere desire to know Him however and seeking with real intent will hasten answers to prayer.  
John 17:3 And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.
When I was eight years old, my mother died in an automobile crash.  Of course the circumstances were tragic.   My dad was now a widower at 31 with three young boys.  I was the oldest.  We lived about 10 miles …

The Fall of Adam-The Garden of Eden

By Charles Brown The resurrection would not be much of a miracle if there were no death. But there is death and there must be a reason for it in God's great plan. Did God create a planet and people out of curiosity or for some eternal purpose? What was the reasoning behind the creation and the fall?
Was what happened in the Garden of Eden a creation that went wrong or a creation that has gone right and fulfilling its purpose? Is the resultant suffering and evil necessary or not? Christian philosophers teach that Adam and Eve were supposed to remain in the Garden. They also teach that their partaking of the fruit was some kind of a rebellion.

Good theology would tell us that God set the scene so they would fall to fulfill his eternal purposes. Their dying brought the miracle of the resurrection. The world exists as it does because God wanted it to, not because Adam and Eve wanted it to. He is the one with all knowledge and designs the purpose for which things exist and the co…

A Quick Review of Religious History and Philosophy

The great question of religion is whether or not there is a God and thus a heaven and whether or not there is some process of salvation. How did the concepts developed by religious philosophers, Biblical scholars and those that have professed Christianity in some form or another come to be?
The Bible tells us that Christ and his apostles established a church in the earth. This was the authoritative body to establish God's will and proclaim to the people. After Christ and the apostles died men began to formulate their own theology and administer a church after their own methodology.
History tells us that there was much disagreement as Constantine the emperor of Rome sought to unify Christians by formulating foundational creeds for their beliefs. This happened after the apostles died and men were making up their own philosophical theologies. This was 325 years or so after the birth of Christ. The historical and scriptural accounts that were available were canonized and closely held by…

We Are All Creators If We Choose To Be

We each create a world in a world. Think of the earth as a universe and each person as a creator with all of the resources of the earth as opportunities and materials to use. Each person is pretty much free, albeit with some exceptions. With these resources and the economy that exists, each creator can act with faith to make something of their existence. Many do end up supporting others in various ways. No person is an island.  Not only in families as parents and children but many enterprises interacting with each other to facilitate, provide or to teach. Some creators choose to do very little with their existence or even nothing positive in some cases.
Rules exist that we have joined together to create so as to govern and punish those among us that would steal our creations or infringe on our right to create. Some rules or laws exist all by themselves as natural facts that govern our existence. Sometimes we join together to create worlds (lives) that are closely tied together. Most me…