Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Eternal Truth and Endless Creation

When I think of some ways to consider the wonders of creation, the great truth or law of the universe that comes to my mind is the "Law of the Harvest." This comprises the fact that there is a pattern in creation and that without the seeds of creation there would be no harvest. A seed must be planted.

Seeds aren't created out of nothing. Something must be self existing in some manner or else its presence is transitory and without value. How do philosophers and other rational thinkers start their contemplation. Why us? Why now? Why here? They are in a constant search for purpose.

Shouldn't we ponder the existence of all things. This is the study of theology. Science confirms the law of the harvest in the earth.  Our very lives depend on understanding it.  We use it to feed ourselves. Its application requires faith both here and now and in the realms of things we don't see. Surely God does not want us to remain in the dark about who he is.

As I have thought about the billions and billions of people on the earth both in a collective sense and individual sense you have to wonder about who they really are. What is our relationship to our Eternal Father? 

Where did we come from and what was the purpose of our creation. Are we truly the family of God or a random creation that came into existence at our birth created out of nothing in a process that only only started 6000 years ago?  What is the worth of a human soul and what is this soul?

If all things were created out of prior non-existence then science could not be used to discover natural principles and laws. All truth has always existed. There is no new science, theology or truth. There is only unrevealed truth. The technology that by which computers and smartphones operate today is seemingly recent but it has always existed.  We only discover truth, we don't invent it. 

Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ a new order of things that started only 6000 years or is it eternal?  If there were no eternal laws governing space and creation then chaos would exist instead of order.  If there was no freedom of will separate from the creator then all would be pawns of his imagination in a game of life and suffering that could have been avoided.  

If there were no devil and no deception or opposing forces then there would be no process for refining spiritual capacity through making choices.  Is Jesus the Savior of beings not yet created or are all things done because He foreknew us as individuals, as children of the same Eternal Father?  Here is where we see the value of each person.  Our worth is infinite because perfect love is guiding the process of refinement that allows us to choose our destiny.

As I have studied theology some, it seems there are two basic premises. One concept of creation is from nothing by virtue of deity speaking a new soul at birth.  Such has been the teaching by most all religious philosophers in the mainstream  thinking of Bible scholarship. They show no real identified purpose for the creation. It appears to be random in nature with no basis of law or order. They teach that it is simply for the pleasure of God and that no reason is necessary and we couldn't understand it. 

While it is true they don't understand it, is isn't true that it can't be understood. God can and does reveal his purposes.  It also would make sense that if something can be created without prior existence as if summoned from nothing it can be uncreated by the same means.

The other teaching about the concept of life is that of a pre-mortal existence of the spirit. It involves the idea that we lived at prior time with God and that life is a testing period in which we live by faith. We make choices according the the menu of life’s experience and the scope of good and evil that exists all around us.  

Through this life's opportunity and the powers of a redeemer we can eventually gain perfection of the body, the spirit or both to the degree that we are willing to submit this eternal will that God has given moral agency to.

We are given freedom by virtue of this planets seemingly remote existence and being away from the presence of God.   He has however given us direction in scripture. We are not left alone. Neither are we punished or rewarded immediately for the good or wrong that we do. 

In this way we keep some autonomy and don't make choices to get a reward or to avoid punishment. Our judgement comes later after we have shown that independently we chose good or evil.  In this way we are free and find out if we will submit our will to God or to some other power.

I think the imperfections that we judge in people's physical presence aren't present in their spirits. The spirit is the creation of perfect parents in every sense of the word. The imperfections of this world exist as I mentioned to test our willingness to follow God and love each other as sons and daughters, begotten through the love of an Eternal Father and the seeds of eternal truth, intelligence and light.

In this sense we as individuals are seeds of eternal potential and earth is a fertile field prepared for us that we be planted and grow towards that potential of becoming a fruitful plant bearing eternal increase for eternity.  That is why we are here.

Doctrine and Covenants Section 88
 37 And there are many kingdoms; for there is no space in the which there is no kingdom; and there is no kingdom in which there is no space, either a greater or a lesser kingdom.

 38 And unto every kingdom is given a law; and unto every law there are certain bounds also and conditions.

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