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Eternal Truth and Endless Creation

When I think of some ways to consider the wonders of creation, the great truth or law of the universe that comes to my mind is the "Law of the Harvest." This comprises the fact that there is a pattern in creation and that without the seeds of creation there would be no harvest. A seed must be planted.
Seeds aren't created out of nothing. Something must be self existing in some manner or else its presence is transitory and without value. How do philosophers and other rational thinkers start their contemplation. Why us? Why now? Why here? They are in a constant search for purpose.
Shouldn't we ponder the existence of all things. This is the study of theology. Science confirms the law of the harvest in the earth.  Our very lives depend on understanding it.  We use it to feed ourselves. Its application requires faith both here and now and in the realms of things we don't see. Surely God does not want us to remain in the dark about who he is.
As I have thought about the …