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Faith Paradigms and The Search for Truth

Observing humanity in general it would seem that we live in an era almost closed to eternal perspective.  Desensitized by comfort and ease, much of society ignores the vast reality of our position as a planet in the endless cosmos.  

To gain even a small perspective we could look at earth as a ping pong ball and space as the ocean.  In a comparison to reality though we are smaller than a ping pong ball and space is larger than the ocean.  We are either a planet lost in space or a part of a great creator's plan.

If we fail to recognize that an opportunity for spiritual discovery exists or close our mind it is not God's fault we don't find truth.

The night time skies and the vast array of stars in an endless cosmos is seldom viewed with an eye of wonder.   We hurry from one sensory experience to the next feeling only the pleasure or pain of the moment.  

As a young man in high school I would spend summers backpacking in the mountains. The clear starry nights would cause me to wo…