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The Bible, The Book of Mormon and Continuing Revelation

There are two ways to gain information and understanding from the Bible.  It can be read in the light of traditional Bible scholarship that has created 10's of thousands of churches or it can be read in the revealed understanding of living prophets. 
The Bible has blessed many lives.  It has preserved the Christian faith for thousands of years.  It is record of the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ that is brief but beyond compare.  Its principles can be seen in action as to how they influence people as a society and individually when they are adhered to.   It is a foundation and source of the laws that govern societies around the world.
Thousands of scholars have translated the ancient transcripts. Many anonymous and never to be know.  None have ever professed divine revelation yet modern professors will indicate that it was there without those translators knowing so.
Thousands of Bible based churches invoke authority because of their association with this book.  While many teach con…