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The Miracle of the Earth

The knowledge of science, theology and philosophy can blend together to answer many of life's questions.  Together they often prompt thoughts and ideas that give perspective to the real world and the truths we don't see directly or don't look at on a daily basis.
The reality of our existence in the universe is really an amazing thing to ponder.  If we will understand that divine revelation also exists to help us understand the existence of all these things we will stand even more amazed.
Looking at some simple scientific facts of daily life of where we are and we are doing as a planet is fascinating.  We are traveling around the sun at approximately 67,000 miles per hour. Our rotational speed is around 600 miles per hour. The sun and its solar system is orbiting the galaxy at 515 thousand miles per hour. 

The scientists also tell us that the whole galaxy that we are part of is moving through space and won't collide with another galaxy for 5 billion years.  All of this spe…