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Creation and the Mysteries of Godliness

Ephesians 3:9 

A bird's eye view of the earth from the air helps us see how small we really are.  Moving to the view from space we see the earth and can't see the people.  Moving to an even greater distance if only in our mind, we can go so far that the earth disappears in a fog of white light.  

Powerful telescopes now show us images of what can only be an infinite cosmos.  Looking into the heavens we gain a some perspective of where we are in the vast expanse of the heavens, a cosmological speck of planetary insignificance.

To the reasoning soul this contemplation often prompts the questions of where we came from and where we will go after death. Our present life, this reality of today is what philosophers have contended with for millennia.  Why are we here? 

Sources of religious knowledge in classical theism have been fixed and the canonization of the known scriptural documents have been closed without really answering these questions. Contemporary Christian philosophers have n…