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Moral Agency, Free Will and the Existence of Evil and Suffering

Posted by Charles Brown
The orthodox views held by Bible scholars and Christian philosophers is that man's soul is created at his birth. They say was no prior existence of you or me until that day that we call our birthday. No man or woman had been created until 6000 years ago.

Under this traditional form of religious teaching man is essentially an animated creature, not much more than a pawn or robot whose existence seems to be the result of a whimsical idea about 6000 years ago.

These conclusions have been the foundation of most Christian teachings for almost 1800 years. It was as if God had slept for all of eternity and then woke up and decided to do something he had never done before. Christian apologist and philosopher C.S. Lewis call this creation an experiment in free will.

What is it that makes a person's soul valuable and on what basis is salvation granted and what does it entail?   

Christian philosophers and Bible scholars and others have embraced a concept of free wi…