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What is Repentance?

Repentance is a gift to mankind.   Through it our burdens of sin are removed. Repentance is the act of changing one's life in actions and attitude. It is our choice to accept or reject. When a person recognizes the error of a sinful lifestyle and accepts the message of Jesus Christ, they will see the things they need to change be they large or small.   Faith in Christ moves us to repentance.  That is his invitation.  Repentance is the process by which we become clean and worthy before God.

Repentance is the key that unlocks the door to the mercy and grace that comes through the atonement of the Savior.  It is the reason his blood was shed.  It is how we become clean from sin.  It lifts burdens of guilt.  It calms the soul.  It brings peace as we realize our real identity as sons and daughters of God and choose those changes that conform to that eternal truth.

Much of frustration in life is subconscious, as we pursue ambitions or ideology that does not measure up to our true eternal worth.  When we learn the truth and act on it and change through this merciful gift we find spiritual happiness and joy.  We gain eternal perspective in our life and hope is constantly renewed.


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