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Man can do nothing except it be given to him.  God created the earth and then created man and everything man needs to live. From this observation it is easily recognized that as humans we could do nothing of ourselves without a place and the ability to do it.   It is clear however that God has given us a place to do something, make choices for which we will be held accountable and judged. Considering the fact of our existence alone indicates that everything comes from God and that without his grace we could do nothing.  This grace is universal in its application to all that have an opportunity to live on earth.
There is another level to grace having to do with the purposes for which God has placed us here.  After the creation of the earth, man was placed upon it.  This was to begin the plan of salvation ordained by God before the creation of the world and for which the world was created.  By God's planning and through the setting in the Garden of Eden, Adam's choice brought mo…

What is Baptism?

Baptism is a gospel ordinance associated with a covenant.  A covenant is a promise.  In this case to follow divine teachings and direction.  Baptism is the ordinance that confirms our faith in Jesus Christ.  If we say we believe and do nothing about it we fail in our God given opportunity to act. 

The doctrine of baptism has faded as a teaching from many that say they follow Christ.   The philosophies of men prevail in the religious teachings of our modern era.  To be born again as taught in the Bible is to act upon hearing the word of God to repent.  Repentance is followed by baptism and the receiving of the gift of the Holy Ghost.

The scriptures are very clear that it is the binding act of faith. When someone comes to realize by witness of the Holy Ghost that they do recognize the ministry and atonement of the Savior as important in their life, something has to change.  

That change is symbolized and sealed by an ordinance and covenant.  We go down in the water dying as to the old pers…

What is Repentance?

Repentance is a gift to mankind.   Through it our burdens of sin are removed. Repentance is the act of changing one's life in actions and attitude. It is our choice to accept or reject. When a person recognizes the error of a sinful lifestyle and accepts the message of Jesus Christ, they will see the things they need to change be they large or small.   Faith in Christ moves us to repentance.  That is his invitation.  Repentance is the process by which we become clean and worthy before God.
Repentance is the key that unlocks the door to the mercy and grace that comes through the atonement of the Savior.  It is the reason his blood was shed.  It is how we become clean from sin.  It lifts burdens of guilt.  It calms the soul.  It brings peace as we realize our real identity as sons and daughters of God and choose those changes that conform to that eternal truth.
Much of frustration in life is subconscious, as we pursue ambitions or ideology that does not measure up to our true eternal…

What is Faith?

Faith is a step beyond belief.  Faith is belief and hope compounded together and increased.  When a person believes something they may or may not do something about it.  While faith is a positive power, it is not simply positive thinking. 
When a person has faith they will act on the belief that is present in their mind.  That is why faith is a saving power.  Not because in and of itself it saves but because when a person has faith in God and Christ they will follow the divine instructions given by them.   There are many examples of faith in the scriptures that indicate that power flows from it.  
Power flows when an individual or group takes action and that action is blessed by the powers of heaven.  The most important facet of our faith in God is that it produces actions that invoke the saving powers of Jesus Christ into our life and a willingness to follow his example.
There are also examples of belief that show that no power comes from simply acknowledging a fact. Increasing faith, …