Mormon Critics-Fiction, Facts and Opinion

For almost 200 years Joseph Smith, has been the Prophet of the Restoration to millions of Latter-Day Saints.  To a handful of active critics and their proteges he was a simple boy that orchestrated a grand religious scheme.  Which was he?

The modern technology allows for mass dissemination of opinions and information, both true and false. Opinion narratives drive much discussion in politics, religion, science and any number of subjects. The reader or listener must evaluate and think critically about what they hear and see.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints claims and testifies that it is the only true and living church on the earth and that Jesus Christ stands at the head of it.  The priesthood order and authority that administers the covenants of the gospel of Jesus Christ and salvation is found it it. 

The Savior established a church when he was on the earth.  No other religion organization claims to be his true church. If his church was on the earth it wouldn't it de…

Mormons, The Temple and Eternal Families

My parents were Christians and good people at their core. They valued the important things in life. My great grandfather and one of his sons were Assembly of God preachers. Even so I wasn't raised with strong persuasions regarding a Christian belief system. They did teach us good values and to consider the existence of a supreme being but I wasn't actively concerned whether God had any role in my life, or in the world for that matter.

I was curious and desirous to know about eternal things and did believe, but I didn't know who or what God was. Our family attended Methodist and non-denominational churches on a sporadic basis when I was growing up. My mother died when I was eight. This event caused me to wonder more intensely about God, family relationships and eventually about what the truth was. My earliest recollection of some concept of God was the front page of the program at the Methodist church in Caldwell Idaho when I was 5 or 6 years old. It showed the face o…

What I've Learned from Anti-Mormons-aka Critics of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

I have noticed that the so called "anti-mormons" are a determined group found in a very limited quantity. They are not like anti-catholics, these being any Protestants. Their title comes from being protesters of the Catholic faith. Anti-Mormons are a more unique bunch though. 

The Protestants may have been vitriolic at one time but it has long been replaced for the most part as it was based on doctrinal practice.  Critics of the Mormon church have a different dialogue of misleading some with vitriolic narratives. They mix facts with a lack of historical and cultural context, outright lies and a heavy dose of opinionated nonsense that they believe without any basis other than hearing it and needing it to support their position in the anti world. 

Some religious professors at the time of Joseph Smith didn't like his testimony that had received a vision.  Was his unique among those that have claimed to have some special religious experience or vision?  His initial critics sta…

Eternal Families- What is Our Hope?

Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

The rain falls and the sun shines.  Plant the seeds, pull the weeds, reap a harvest.  Don't plant the seeds, there is no need to pull the weeds and reap no harvest.

What is the reason that things happen?  Is life a predetermined course?  Does God micromanage the affairs of earth and its people? There are people that say everything happens for a reason, it is a cliche.  

Other people take a different approach to the philosophy of life. The fact is not everything in life will turn out the way we plan or want it to.  Why would someone think that God would have his hand in making one person's life better than another's? 

I have noticed in exploring this subject there will be contradictions and questions on all sides of the equation of life.  Isn't that the purpose though, to have faith and act the best we can and enjoy the journey?

The scriptures indicate and I believe that God sends us to earth at times that are pre-appointed. He also holds power over the duration of our life…