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The Science of Godliness

Sometimes when we don't understand how something works it is called magic.  If it has an effect on us and we aren't sure why it may be called magical. Really though haven't some just resorted to a default explanation of a phenomena even though they most likely believe that magic isn't real?

Is the creation of life a miracle or just another thing that happens all to often? Isn't it a miracle if it is you?  Really we all are miracles of existence and yet this particular science of creation we understand quite well in some regards.  How is it that our body can heal wounds?  How is it that we create children that look like us yet are so distinct that there is no other like them.

Was it magic or a science when Jesus performed his miracles for witnesses that did not understand them? Is it a miracle or science when a surgeon performs an operation on a person that years ago would have died?  If that person is you it will surely seem like a miracle. 

Isn't science one of G…