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Biblical Christianity and Scriptural Inerrancy

The Bible is the most fundamental book for preserving faith in God and Christ around the world over the centuries.  It is the word of God to a world in need of guidance.  It came through authorized servants and was recorded for future use.

Is every person that takes the book and goes about preaching from it authorized by God? Not if you believe the book itself. That authority only comes from God through a priesthood called by prophecy and the laying on of hands that he has authorized. It was a function of prophets to be watchmen and shepherds that are recognized as such even though many rejected them. Their testament remains valid.

Bible scholars do not base their opinions on revelation from God. This is why there are so many "Bible based" churches.  This is a self evident fact. They say the Bible is the only revelation given to man and they have appointed themselves to be the ones to tell people what it says and means. 

Because they depend on scholarship, debate and discussion…