Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Light, Life and Intelligence

As I pondered the principle of light, intelligence and life...

The process of discovery and learning often begins with a theory. Where do our theories come from? They can come from information that is readily observable or that has been observed by others that we become aware of. 

Think about the science of light that we understand and the science we have yet to discover. Who would have imagined 60 years ago that we could cut metal with light, split apart atoms and perform delicate surgery? The complexity of it is astounding and we take for granted the common experience of its existence. Something invisible makes all things visible.

On a clear night, the sky reveals to us thousands of lights even millions and billions now that we have advanced light-gathering instruments. We see billions of years into the past. Stars that seem to offer eternal light when we learn something of their composition and the time that their light has been traveling. Our own sun has a scientifically theorized life of 10 billion years.  A seeming eternity to the mortal lifespan.

From the light of our sun and its power, we derive energy to live. Solar power is endless so far as we are concerned and as we seek to harness it there is a certain freedom to having it. It can charge batteries to hold power and it charges all the elements of the earth so they work together to produce the food and energy that we need each day to live.

We know much about the nature of our human nervous system and understand something of its operation.  We can observe that we are quite literally beings of light, as every thought and action is grounded in electrical currents produced chemically in our body, including our heart rhythm.  The atoms that form our bodies and all other objects in exists indicate that we are literally living fields of energy at the most minute level.

From an organic standpoint, all the functions of our body and our mind depend on light. Chromophores are molecules that absorb light and are found in the mitochondria of our cells. Our body makes conversions from the sunlight and food we eat to produce essential chemicals we need to function. Sleep renews us and recharges us and yet we never need to be plugged into anything and we have the energy for another day. 

Just as batteries can be charged from a source of power, even the sun, the earth is charged by the power of the sun and would die without it. Our bodies are charged by the things this earth produces and that we consume.

Our nervous system and brain with all of its power to store memories and make our body do what we ask are light in action. The autonomous operating of our bodies is the power of light. Electrochemical energy comes from what we eat, and the light around us that causes those things to grow and provide minerals and energy that converts to light in our bodies.

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we speak of having our bodies filled with light, growing brighter and brighter until the perfect day (section 50). Truth is light and light is truth. John wrote, "God is Light". The glory of God is intelligence or in other words, Light and Truth.  The light which is in all things and gives life to all things. (Doctrine and Covenants section 93)

We speak of the light of the world and the light of Christ. A light that "emanates" from the presence of God to fill the immensity of space. We speak of the True Light, that lighteth every man and woman that comes into the world.  

88:7  "Which truth shineth. This is the light of Christ. As also he is in the sun, and the light of the sun, and the power thereof by which it was made."

We speak of a battle between the forces of light and those of darkness.  Are the theological and the scientific really any different except to the level that our current science has not discovered the full truth.  Different types of philosophies have developed around the concepts of light and cosmology, none of them authoritative, yet having some belief concept about the power and nature of light.

In full light, we can see the broad spectrum of colors. In dim light, we are limited and can't see the wonder of color. Our photoreceptors determine what we see.   Is there a broader spiritual spectrum that we could see with receptors that were refined to see it?

All of our mortal science that is accurate is just a subset of God's science which is all true. True theology is just the science of what we have yet to learn with our limited scientific discovery.  They have become separate fields of study when they are really one and the same.

It isn't hard for me to imagine beings of a glorious nature, filled with light that stand above us in celestial power, yet seek to share with us the power of their light.  Our spirit is the offspring of such beings. We are created in their image. 

Our spirit is eternal, this body is temporary. "Intelligence or the light of truth was not created or made, neither indeed can be." The spirit and its intelligence can control the body. It is the more powerful, the eternally powerful center of our personal existence. It has no beginning and no end. Its capacity is limited though unless united to the greater power of our Savior.  Just as the sun charges our physical bodies the Son of God can rejuvenate, feed and perfect our spirits. Our resurrected body will be like unto his body if we obey his precepts.

The body and spirit as they are currently bound together in some fashion allow the light and power of each to act together. When the organic light of the mortal body gives out and dies, the eternal light of the spiritual intelligence continues on.  The intelligence is eternal, it is perpetual energy and light. So to will be our resurrected state.

Together for a time, their combined function is learned as we exercise faith and gain experience.  While our physical bodies may appear to be of a solid substance, we are composed of atoms and energy fields that are particles of light.

We speak our words and they travel as waves into devices that convert them to light. They pass through walls, the air, wires and great networks of connections to those that we direct them to. Billions are taking place simultaneously and they get to where we send them with extreme almost perfect accuracy. 

We also broadcast perfect pictures with ever greater clarity around the world, into space and into the homes of almost every person on the planet. While men have conceived these great systems, their foundation is in eternal truth and God has revealed them for our use.

With this knowledge, is it really so hard to fathom that our thoughts and words can be recorded and understood by Beings of light that are advanced beyond our mortal understanding, even God the Father and his Son?  We are in their image to a greater degree than we sometimes grasp.  

Is it so hard to see that God can hear or sense or feel our prayers as we send out our light-emitting emotion and faith and direct it toward His presence? Is it hard to imagine all of our doings being recorded to stand with us at future judgment day where the recording of our bodies is revealed?

If we fail to see and accept the power that Christ desires to give us, the judgment will be a time of acknowledgment.  A time when we know whether or not our desire was to have the greater light or to proceed on our own with limited light or even in darkness at noonday. 

Doctrine and covenants 88
67 "And if your eye be single to my gloryyour whole bodies shall be filled with   light, and there shall be no darkness in you; and that body which is filled with   light comprehendeth all things."

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