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Light, Life and Intelligence

The process of discovery and learning often begins with a theory. Where do our theories come from?  They can come from information that is readily observable or that has been observed by others that we become aware of. 

Think about the science of light that we understand and the science we have yet to discover. Who would have imagined 60 years ago that we could cut metal with light, split apart atoms and perform delicate surgery. The complexity of it is astounding and we take for granted the common experience of its existence.

On a clear night the sky reveals to us thousands of lights.  Stars that seemingly offer eternal light when we learn something of their composition and the time that their light has been traveling. Our own sun has a scientifically theorized life of 10 billion years. 

From the light of our sun and its power, we derive energy to live. Solar power is endless so far as we are concerned and as we seek to harness it there is a certain freedom to having it. It can charge b…