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The Philosophies and Theology of Orthodox Christian Scholars and Apologists

Traditional theology in mainstream orthodoxy and Bible scholarship is about scholarship.  All Orthodox Christian teachings and doctrines are formulated by scholarship, debate and creed.  They stem from political/theological councils from the fourth century AD.
The good that mainstream theologians, pastors and others that consider themselves Christians outside the domain of orthodoxy do is spread the positive teachings of the Bible. Anyone that follows the teachings of Christ and the prophets will have a better life, marriage and relationships in general if they practice them.
Their theory and theology does not include learning directly from the Source of all truth. They don't claim authority or revelation from God, but from the Bible, which is not an eternal authority.  It has only been canonized and in existence less than 2000 years and only certain books have been selectively included. Their teachings are the scholarship of people teaching people their scholarly opinions and nothi…