Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Philosophies and Theology of Orthodox Christian Scholars and Apologists

Traditional theology in mainstream orthodoxy and Bible scholarship is about scholarship.  All Orthodox Christian teachings and doctrines are formulated by scholarship, debate and creed.  They stem from political/theological councils from the fourth century AD.

The good that mainstream theologians, pastors and others that consider themselves Christians outside the domain of orthodoxy do is spread the positive teachings of the Bible. Anyone that follows the teachings of Christ and the prophets will have a better life, marriage and relationships in general if they practice them.

Their theory and theology does not include learning directly from the Source of all truth. They don't claim authority or revelation from God, but from the Bible, which is not an eternal authority.  It has only been canonized and in existence less than 2000 years and only certain books have been selectively included. Their teachings are the scholarship of people teaching people their scholarly opinions and nothing more. 

With their opinions of what grace is they deny the agency of man that God gave him to make choices and receive the consequences. They sell their philosophy in the form of books and ministries in that they set themselves up as a light and source of truth that is false and misleading.

Essentially this practice of assuming authority from the Bible leaves direct revelation out of the process of their teaching. This is why they describe God as an unknowable being. Since they don't claim actual knowledge of him, they don't have to be specific about trying to describe him or teachings about life after death. Anything they don't understand they just call it a mystery. Anyone that feels inclined can begin teaching their version of Christian theology as long as they claim the Bible as the source and deity as a trinity. 

As these religious scholars study the Bible and apply their orthodox views of an unknowable deity, they really only render an opinion of what they think the Bible dialogue means.  They have declared it to be inerrant and this is simply another declaration of opinion.  They don't believe in current revelation from God or an active central authority that they are accountable to. 

They do acknowledge that their opinions which they still debate might be errant, yet they push forward with this foundation of orthodoxy not really knowing the mind of God. The underlying philosophy of men is that they can make their own religions because in their opinion God left a Bible and expects them to figure out what it says and means and then charge others money for telling them about it.

Here is an example of the errant teachings. The Bible accepted by most all Christians clearly teaches that we are created in the image of God. Yet, if you ask an orthodox Christian philosopher or Bible scholar they will tell you that we don't really look like God. Any reference to his image is something other than form. This doctrine is not in the Bible.  It is the result of councils of politician-theologians that came together after Christ and his apostles had been dead for centuries.  This teaching is a philosophy of men and scholars and divinity schools continue to perpetuate it.

How have scholars attributed a male gender to what they call an incorporeal God? Because the Bible does make clear statements that God the Father is a male. Jesus was born of a woman as a male and is a God.  His Father would of a necessity be a male. These scholars still don't seem to realize that gender is therefore eternal. The philosophies and creeds that established the idea of a triune being have only confused people as to the real nature of their creator and who their image is fashioned after.

How do these religious philosophers explain that God came up with male and female and united them in marriage as a center of creation? Is this not God's image?  Bible scholars and theological professors won't even attempt to answer these questions with definitive explanations. Latter-day prophets have.

The opinion declared is that the Bible is inerrant but their churches and ministers are not. It is an interesting contradiction. This philosophy is not even found in the Bible.  It is a philosophy of men. These contradictions are what Joseph Smith and any seeker before and after him discovers in their search for truth among the churches of men.  For this reason the restoration of the gospel and Church of Jesus Christ would require the calling of a prophet. Otherwise the philosophies of men would prevail.

If you ask a Christian believer about marriage, most will answer that God simply ordained it. The pastors, scholars and authors of Christian blogs all have their own variation of what they think marriage is and how important yet non-enduring it is. Even so, many Christians, non-LDS, believe that their marriage and family is profound enough to endure into the next life. They believe Mormon theology as their own belief.

How can these theological conclusions and philosophies teach that marriage and family are important if they teach that they are temporary?  These scholars believe and teach that deity is mono as in theism, or singular, as well as single, celibate and of an undetermined gender. How is it that he created them in such a fashion that a union was the only way they can create.  Now they say he only created people 6000 years ago or so for pleasure and to worship him. According to this type of philosophy, earth and people would be nothing more than an experiment and all humans as pawns in a scheme of salvation and damnation.

Christian philosophers and theologians determined that marriage is a temporary arrangement. They believe that is what the Bible teaches. In their opinions, from their debates and conclusions they determined that it was a relationship lasting only until the death of the parties.  They disregard the fact that Adam and Eve were immortal when marriage was instituted from a biblical standpoint by God in the Garden of Eden. Even though they fell, their relationship was redeemed by the Savior.

The speculations of Bible Scholars fall short of the real power of heaven when it comes to saving souls. They offer salvation for the grace of Christ as they call it.  Yet only a few are saved under their doctrine of salvation and most of God's children are condemned.  Only true orthodox Christians are the lucky ones. They like the concept of free grace because it is easy to sell. You have nothing to do, no one to be accountable to.  Just believe in Jesus and the Bible and all is well.  Anyone that knows a Christian that has tried this knows it doesn't last.  Life is the gift. Salvation is the opportunity.  It requires working with the Savior to grow spiritually to receive it.

The orthodox viewpoints do not recognize the enabling and exalting power of Christ's atonement. Neither do they see the relationship that is in the Godhead as presided over by the Father.  They offer the obedient and repentant to become heirs of the kingdom and glories that are part of the resurrection.  The prophets of God in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been called by authority from Christ to represent him in the earth.  Just like his ancient apostles did when he was on the earth in the meridian of time.

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