Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Philosophies of Men

The philosophies of men prevail in education, science, religion, politics and government often prominently in society and affect the lives of almost all individuals as they seek knowledge and experience here in mortality. 

These philosophies as a source of information is based on the opinion or theory of an individual or a group of people. It is transitory, unreliable and should be seen as suspect when weighing a source of the information until it has been proven to be accurate.

One of the challenges of seeking and finding correct information is gauging the source. By what right or authority does a person speak to represent them self or others or even God as some suppose they do?  All with an opinion may express it but that is all it is.

What is the difference between the philosophies of men and the word of God?  

The opinions and philosophies of men have been present in the world imaginably since it began. In politics, philosophy and religion people have raised their opinions and conclusions as if they were facts of science or truth. They don't speak with any authority that God has given them. 

These professors of knowledge assume or presume that they can dictate an opinion about scripture, start a church, start a political faction teaching their position on the matter.

The problem with this philosophy is that when tens of thousands of people take this approach the result is division, not unity.  It is confusion not creativity. Limited light is the result and true enlightenment fails to be achieved.

To the extent that the religious philosophies of men teach true principles they do have some effect on helping people live positive lives and find joy in living.  

The good will and love of a pastor or minister can have a great effect on a person. Politicians likewise can fabricate a mesage of hope or prosperity. If it were not so they would not gain any following. This they can do of their own accord and act without actual authority from God. In the success of their endeavor they may mistaken such success as approval from God when no such evidence of authority has been granted.  

Those in religious leadership, politics and science have credentials that they base their authority on. They have been granted by other men that also placed themselves in a position of authority to grant such credentials. Their theologies, theories and assumptions are based on the opinions of scholars that likewise had no authority to render opinions other than what they think the answer is.

What is the recorded pattern of authority from God to man that the scriptures indicate? The Bible begins with Adam presiding over the earth. It relates that he and certain of his son's were granted recognition with authority to preside over the matters of God's guidance in the affairs of man on earth. Prophets followed Adam and their history is recorded.

Those of us that are Christian will also recognize that Christ came to earth to fulfill, establish and teach the doctrines of salvation and to organize a kingdom authorized by him to carry out his ministry. He also appointed, ordained and authorized servants called apostles to carry out his work.  They like he were killed and  the work of the church fell into apostasy.  

The Lord knew this would happen. Salvation would not be stopped, just temporally delayed so far as the ordinances and covenants were concerned. The great work among the dead was still progressing and the time would come when God would call a prophet to again resume the work.  

The final preparations of His kingdom would be carried out and the planning for the second coming of Christ would unfold.  Such was and is the mission and calling of Joseph Smith the prophet, the latter-day prophets and apostles that followed him and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

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