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The Philosophies of Men

The philosophies of men prevail in education, science, religion, politics and government and prominently in the lives of all individuals as they seek knowledge. A source of information that is based on the opinion or theory of an individual or a group of people should be seen as suspect when weighing the source of the information until it has been proven to be accurate.
One of the challenges of seeking and finding correct information is gauging the source.  By what right or authority does a person speak to represent them self or others or even God as some suppose they do?  All with an opinion may express it but that is all it is.
What is the difference between the philosophies of men and the word of God?  The opinions and philosophy of men have prevailed in the world of Bible scholarship for almost 2000 years.  They don't speak with any authority that God as given them. They assume or presume that they can dictate an opinion about scripture or start a church teaching their position …