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The Miracle of the Earth

The knowledge of science, theology and philosophy can blend together to answer many of life's questions.  Together they often prompt thoughts and ideas that give perspective to the real world and the truths we don't see directly or don't look at on a daily basis.

The reality of our existence in the universe is really an amazing thing to ponder.  If we will understand that divine revelation also exists to help us understand the existence of all these things we will stand even more amazed.

Looking at some simple scientific facts of daily life of where we are and we are doing as a planet is fascinating.  We are traveling around the sun at approximately 67,000 miles per hour. Our rotational speed is around 600 miles per hour. The sun and its solar system is orbiting the galaxy at 515 thousand miles per hour. 

The scientists also tell us that the whole galaxy that we are part of is moving through space and won't collide with another galaxy for 5 billion years.  All of this speed is so perfectly balanced and traveling through a vacuum that we don't even detect it in our daily activities. 

The core temperature of the earth is over 10,000 degrees and it revolves around a ball of flaming gas of 27 million degrees at its core.   Is the earth a freak accident or by divine design? Do we sense how delicate the balance of life is?  Science tells us that it is. 

These the earth and sun hold onto each other along with several other similar spheres like powerful magnets and are floating in deep space in a freezing vacuum.  We do not get sucked out into that vacuum.  This is the fact of our daily existence.

Gravity and space travel do not seem to amaze us because we are accustomed to their commonality and are protected from the adverse effects of that travel as we move through space at speeds and distances faster than anything we can imagine.

Earth is nothing more than a speck of dust when viewed in its place in an infinite setting of space. Placed here, where? Lost somewhere in deep space?  No, it is placed under the care of someone so we could have a life and learn in the eternal view of things.  How is it that people fail to see that earth is just a stage? So big to us but small in the universe.  

Are we are not just actors on a stage?  Not staged with a script, but involved in real daily events, with interactions that produce real drama caused by real emotions in life and death situations and the resulting joy and sorrow in varying degrees. 

This stage seems so big that we somehow get pulled into thinking this is all there is. We scurry about like germs on a basketball in the ocean yet we are so much more as children of God that we may not ever comprehend our worth in this life.

The reality is that in relation to everything else in the cosmos one could almost say that the earth almost isn't. We for the space we take up almost aren't, yet we are.  We are in some observable way a spaceship with an abundance of self-sustaining supplies and comforts.  

Our life to is that of a traveler.  With a beginning and an end, we should really look for the meaning of it.   Religious thinkers and scholars of old mistakenly put the universe in a bubble of a limited expanse considering the account of the creation of the earth as an account of the creation of the universe.

So how do keen intellects fail to see the smallness of their view when they deny the creator's hand, counsels or creations?  The only real question is do you believe that part of your soul and personality is eternal in nature?  Do we have a spirit that exists in our mortal body?   

In this post garden of Eden existence, the earth still can and would produce everything we need with amazing abundance. The vices that produce the greed and power struggles that stop the earth and humanity from reaching their true potential must be recognized for what they are.  

Yes there is enough and to spare and all would be cared for without ever reducing the earth's potential to produce.  It would require that we could somehow see that our Maker did know what he was doing when he made us male and female and again when he spoke to Moses on the mount and when he sent his Son to the earth for a redemptive act that we scarcely comprehend.  

Unless we take some time to ponder where we are in the universe and some of the revealed knowledge of what our individual and collective potential might be, our existence will be limited to a dark vacuum of mystery in our own mind. 

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